Starfield ‘Burden of Proof’ all proof areas, quest steps

Starfield’s “Burden of Proof” has you infiltrating the Crimson Fleet on behalf of UC Sysdef in quest of incriminating proof that may jettison the fleet’s operations.

It’s truthful to say UC Sysdef isn’t the best faction to affix within the galaxy, particularly when you think about the entire different cohorts vying on your consideration — so it’s good to have a meaty quest that neatly enhances your development by the story.

Right here’s the place to search out all proof areas in “Burden of Proof”, and the rewards for doing so.

begin the ‘Burden of Proof’ quest and the way it works

To kick off the “Burden of Proof” questline, you want to be a magnet for UC Sysdef. There are two methods to go about this:

The primary and least morally questionable manner can be to affix the UC Vanguard by visiting the organisation’s headquarters within the Mast District of New Atlantis and finishing the piloting examination and subsequent probation mission. As soon as the Vanguard has allowed you into the fold, you can be given the choice to dock with one among their ships and assist out the trigger. Alternatively, if you happen to’re extra of a mischievous participant, you possibly can merely commit some crimes and get your self arrested in UC territory. When you’re in jail, the UC Sysdef will give you the possibility to assist wipe out the Crimson Fleet by going undercover.

Whichever you select, you’ll end up headed for a ship referred to as the UC Vigilance to speak to their head of operations, Commander Ikande. Right here, you’ll additionally meet Lieutenant Toft, who will take the proof off your palms as you discover it. Each time you come back some proof to the Toft, you’ll earn some chilly onerous credit and some morsels of XP, which helps sweeten the deal.

One disclaimer earlier than we get into the listing is that a number of the quest-based proof is missable, as you received’t have the ability to return to sure areas after you depart, so be cautious of this as you progress.

The Naeva Meetup

Location: Cydonia/ Mars/Sol System (throughout Deep Cowl)

Earlier than you start your Crimson Fleet cosplay, you’ll have the ability to discover the primary piece of proof sitting on a desk behind the contact within the Deep Cowl mission, Adler Kemp. Proper behind Kemp on a messy desk within the Damaged Spear bar on Cydonia, you possibly can seize The Naeva Meetup (Proof) and be in your manner.

Carter’s Gig

Location: The Lock Jail/ Suvorov/ Kryx System (throughout Echoes of the Previous)

You’ll discover this piece of proof as you progress by the Echoes of the Previous mission in The Lock jail facility. As soon as you discover Kryx’s cell and pry open the lamp, you’ll be directed to lockers situated within the jail’s wing of showers. Open up Carter’s locker, and also you’ll see the Carter’s Gig (Proof) inside.

Warden’s Log

Location: The Lock Jail/ Survov/ Kryx System (throughout Echoes of the Previous)

In the direction of the tip of the Echoes of the Previous mission, after taking up some enemies within the jail’s barracks, you’ll end up within the Warden’s Workplace. The Warden’s Log (Proof) is situated on some submitting cupboards subsequent to the intercom you utilize to speak to Crimson Fleet Captain Delgado. Decide it up, and also you’re good to board your exit automobile and escape from The Lock.

Request Denied

Location: Siren of Stars Cruiseliner/ Aranae system (Throughout Breaking the Financial institution)

Proper after speaking to Rokov, you possibly can head up by the crew’s portion of the ship, finally making your technique to their quarters. The Captain’s particular room is situated subsequent to the Growth Pop! Cherry drink machine, straight forward of you as you come up the steps from the place you docked. As soon as within the room, head for the bed room and search for a shelf to the left of the mattress. Right here, you’ll discover the Request Denied (Proof) textual content log.

GalBank Plan

Location: Siren of Stars Cruiseliner/ Aranae system (Throughout Breaking the Financial institution)

Throughout this mission, you’ll hear a number of smack speak about Larry Dumbrosky, most notably from the keeper of our subsequent piece of proof, Gabriel Vera. You’ll first discover Vera on the decrease flooring of the celebration zone, simply outdoors the VIP part on the Siren of Stars. In your first assembly, he’ll basically inform you to go away. By no means concern, although, as progressing the mission provides you one other alternative to speak to Vera, this time within the privateness of his room.

It’s essential right here to keep away from considering together with your gun and speak issues by till he provides you info for two,500 credit. There isn’t a choice to Persuade, so abdomen the fee, and the Galbank Plan (Proof) will probably be added to your stock.

Huan’s Discuss

Location: The Effectively/ New Atlantis / Alpha Centauri (Throughout The Greatest There Is)

Throughout The Greatest There Is, you’ll communicate to Huan within the cafeteria space of The Effectively. As an alternative of going straight to their ship to progress the mission, make your manner over to Kay’s Home, which is an eatery close by. Head by the plastic doorways on the underside flooring and into the kitchen. Situated straight forward of you on a bench is the Huan’s Plan (Proof) audio log.

Eubanks & Woods

Location: SY-920 Ship/ Luyten Star/ (Throughout The Greatest There Is)

As you make your manner by the SY-920, you’ll finally discover Dr. Gabriel Vogal of their lab. As an alternative of going proper as much as him, preserve shifting ahead by the set of doorways behind the lab. On this room, veer left and discover the Eubanks & Woods (Proof) sitting on a wheeled cart within the nook of the room.

The Massive Rating

Location: Neon/ Volii Alpha/ Volii System (Throughout Absolute Energy)

Through the Absolute Energy mission, you’ll be despatched to fulfill with Estelle Vincent at Madame Sauvage’s Place in Ebbside on Neon. As soon as within the constructing, don’t go straight for the contact and as a substitute make a beeline for the bar. Enter the doorways to the left of the bar and take a proper flip. The Massive Rating (Proof) audio log sits on prime of a cupboard between the 2 beds within the room.

Assembly with Bayu

Location: Neon/ Volii Alpha/ Volii System (Throughout Absolute Energy)

Proper after your assembly with Estelle Vincent within the Absolute Energy questline, you’ll be despatched to some areas. For this subsequent piece of proof, observe the non-obligatory goal referred to as ‘Find proof to extort Ayumi Komiko’. This won’t solely offer you an edge later within the mission but in addition reward you with one other scrumptious morsel of legally incriminating info to present to the UC.

Go to the enterprise block elevator situated to the correct of the Astral Lounge, and choose Generdyne Industries, the place you possibly can speak to Ji Nashida on the entrance desk. There will probably be a persuasion examine concerned, so make sure to save earlier than you start speaking. Ask about Ayumi Komiko, move the examine, and head to the personal workplace additional within the constructing. Inside, you’ll discover a protected with the Assembly with Bayu (Proof) inside. Crouch and ensure you’re hidden, then snag it whereas nobody is wanting.

Ayumi’s Supply

Location: Neon/ Volii Alpha/ Volii System (Throughout Absolute Energy)

The following piece of proof is situated in Euphorika’s personal lounge, which you’ll already want to realize entry to for the Absolute Energy mission. To get inside, speak to Myka the bartender and pay the 5,000 credit score entrance payment. As soon as within the personal lounge, get behind the bar. Sitting on a shelf subsequent to a elaborate ice bucket is the Ayumi’s Supply (Proof) audio log.

Message for Lavatory

Location: Deserted Ecliptic Garrison / Groombridge VI-B/ Groombridge System (Throughout Reclaiming the Previous facet quest)

Throughout your time on board The Key you’ll end up in dialog with its bartender, Lavatory. Discuss to him sufficient and he’ll ship you on an non-obligatory journey to gather a hoop from his long-lost love, Maddie. This quest, Reclaiming the Previous, has some treasured proof in it.

Comply with the search marker to an Deserted Ecliptic Garrison and put together to be the butt of the joke – as this garrison may be very a lot not deserted. Struggle your manner as much as the constructing on the prime of the hill and enter the primary hub, which is identical location the place you’ll seemingly battle the boss of the world. Search for a yellow navy crate within the centre of the room. Inside, you’ll discover Maddie’s Ring, a load of loot and the Message for Lavatory (Proof) log.

Gennady Ayton

Location: The Clinic/ orbiting Deepala/ Narion System (Throughout Medical doctors Orders facet quest)

Onboard The Key, you’ll find Samina working within the medical bay. After a number of conversations you’ll discover out that they’re in want of some assist sourcing their medical provides. Very similar to Lavatory’s quest, Samina will ship you on an non-obligatory mission that homes some proof alongside the best way.

Comply with the search marker and go to The Clinic which orbits Deepala within the Narion System. As soon as there, use your scanner to guide you to Ayton’s workplace. On prime of a stack of servers in the correct hand nook of the room is the Gennady Ayton (Proof) textual content log.

Kreet Supply

Location: The Den/ Orbiting Chthonia/ Wolf System

If, like me, you already end up frequenting The Den to promote your wares to the Commerce Authority, you’ll be happy to listen to there’s some proof you possibly can seize subsequent time you swing by. When you exit your ship, transfer straight ahead to the tables overlooking the bar. On the central desk, you possibly can decide up the Kreet Supply (Proof) textual content log.

HopeTown Raid

Location: Hopetown / Polvo/ Valo System

This one is extraordinarily simple. When you land in HopeTown, straight forward of your ship would be the Pit Cease. Go inside and beeline for the bar. On the correct hand nook of the bar you’ll find the HopeTown Raid (Proof) audio log.

Mira’s Demise

Location: The Key/ orbiting Survorov/ Kryx System

As soon as once more, on board The Key, discover your technique to the bunks by following the handwritten indicators on the partitions. On the entrance, preserve shifting ahead till you see a room in your left with a barbell inside. On the left facet of that room, subsequent to the mattress, is the Mira’s Demise (Proof) audio log.

Request A17

Location: The Key/ orbiting Survorov/ Kryx System

In the primary commerce space of The Key, go into Jasmine Durand’s workplace. In the correct nook, subsequent to some duffels in a toaster-like piece of {hardware}, you’ll find the Request A17 (Proof) log.

Voss’s Components

Location: The Key/ orbiting Survorov/ Kryx System

Above the Command Centre on The Secret is Delgado’s workplace. Enter the door, flip left and head in direction of his pc within the nook of the room. Sitting in a holder to the left of Delgado’s pc is the Voss’s Components (Proof).

Chunks Heist

Location: Pink Mile/ Porrima III/ Porrima System

For this piece of proof you’ll have to make your technique to Porrima III and search throughout the planet for a touchdown location referred to as the Pink Mile. Exiting your ship, it is going to be the one constructing in sight so head within the entrance door. Veer left into the primary playing space, and on the left nook of the bar, you’ll discover Chunks Heist (Proof).


Location: Gagarin’s Touchdown/ Gagarin/ Alpha Centauri

Our subsequent piece of proof is conveniently situated within the Alpha Centauri system, a stone’s throw from New Atlantis. Land on the Gagargin’s Touchdown marker on the planet Gagarin and transfer in direction of the built-up advanced. Hold going straight till you discover some stairs and go down them. Stroll straight previous the Centauri Mills constructing to a red-hued bar run by a personality named Lizzy Ajello. On the correct nook of the bar, you possibly can decide up the Chiroptera (Proof) audio log.

GBLR013: Mortem Orbire

Location: The Legacy Ship/ orbiting Bannoc IV/ Bannoc (Throughout Eye of the Storm)

Disclaimer: Through the occasions of Eye of the Storm, you can be requested to choose that may restrict your entry to sure quests after the very fact. We advocate gathering the additional items of proof earlier than taking up this last mission if you’re a completionist who needs at hand all of them in.

When you’ve landed on The Legacy, you’ll face an onslaught of robotic enemies as you make your manner by the vault. The ultimate piece of proof is discovered within the vault’s management room, subsequent to the physique of Jasper Kryx. On the ground (subsequent to a stash of tasty credstiks), you possibly can gather the GBLR013: Mortem Orbire (Proof) log and full your assortment.

Burden of Proof rewards, quest ending defined

When you’ve nabbed all of the proof, you possibly can return to the UC Vigilance to speak to Lieutenant Toft one last time. Earlier than you throw every little thing you may have at them and achieve your reward, you’ll first have to exhaust their dialogue choices, if you happen to haven’t already.

Toft provides you with the complete run-through of their life earlier than becoming a member of the UC Sysdef, together with the rogue choices from their youth. When you’ve realized about their not-so-squeaky-clean previous, you possibly can hand in your last bits of proof and earn a legendary pistol referred to as the Memento Mori.

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